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Cosmetics To Buy In Korea


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Hi Friends,

If you travel to Korea, never leave that place without buying cosmetics. It is a cosmetics shopping heaven there. Really!

Popular cosmetics brands you can buy in Korea include Faceshop, Laneige, Missha.

Just to give you an examples of cosmetics deals in Korea:-

1) Face masks


Faceshop cosmetics

- In Singapore, Faceshop masks is sold at 3 pieces for S$10 or 3 pieces for S$12

- In Korea, Faceshop masks is sold at Won 1000 / piece which is about S$1.25. Cheap, right? Buy!

- According to the sales assistant in Korea, if you keep the face mask at room temperature (no need to put in refrigerator), it can last 3 years.


2) BB Creams

- BB creams are very popular in Korea. You can find established brands or even street brands.

- I got faceshop bb creams at Won 28,000 per tube. This is about S$35.00


3) HydroMask


Laneige water sleeping mask

- Laneigh has a very popular hydro sleeping mask retailing at S$45/ bottle in Singapore

- In Korea, this is sold at Won 25,000 or Won 30,000 (can’t remember the exact price), which is about S$31-S$36

- Remember, buy laneige products at the cosmetics boutique you find in Korea. Don’t be like me. I thought I can still get it at airport duty free and I am really disappointed (airport does not carry Laneige cosmetics)


Hope the above information is really helping for travel bugs.



Karen Lim

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