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Should I Buy A Marriott Vacation Club?


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Hi Friends,

I have many friends who try out the Marriott complimentary 4 days 3 nights stay at a 2 bedroom villa at Phuket. They loved the stay! They loved the villa and often came back and asked me this question: Should I buy a Marriott Vacation Club?

Marriott Vacation ClubWhat exactly is Marriott Vacation Club? Is it a time share?

A time share program typically requires you to own a fixed week stay at a resort at a fixed location. Marriott Vacation Club is slightly different.

You do not own fixed week at a fixed resort. Instead, you are buying points, which you can choose to redeem the points against selected hotel and resort stays. So it is more flexible.

In addition, Marriott adds more flexibility to the ways you can deploy your club points:

  • Use your Club Points to holiday at one of your Club resorts;
  • Exchange your Club Points through Interval International and experience holidays at Marriott Vacation Club International
    resorts and more than 2000 other timeshare resorts in 75 countries worldwide;
  • Trade your Club Points for Marriott Reward points and explore other holiday options such as air travel and cruises.;
  • Take an Express Break at one of your Club Resorts.
    *Available to Founder, Premier and Premier Plus Members only.

The most value for money option is always to use your club points to redeem for nights at your club resorts or club connections (some selected Marriott hotels).

Where exactly are these Club resorts and Club connections located?

Well, they are mainly in Asia Pacific (Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Sanya, Shenzhen, Bali, India, Sydney, Gold Coast, Jakarta, Okinawa, Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui,  Tokyo, Sapporo, Vietnam and etc)  and some in USA and Europe (Las Vegas, Hawaii, Spain, France, London) .

Marriott will continue to add in more destinations over the years, so the choices will be expanded.

I am a Marriott Vacation Club Member. I own 33,000 club points, which allows me to redeem for about 7 nights stay in peak season such as June and Dec school holidays. If I choose to travel during non peak season, I will have more nights.

Should you buy a Marriott Vacation Club membership?

Well, I recommend that you consider some of these questions below:-

1) Are you a tour package traveler or a free and easy traveler?

If you love to take free and easy travel, yes Marriott Vacation Club suits you.

2) Do you like to travel to Asia Pacific or you only like to travel to Europe and USA?

If you love Asia Pacific, then Marriott Vacation Club has most options in Asia Pacific for you.

3) Do you like to travel to all parts of Asia Pacific or mainly to Thailand?

If you love all parts of Asia Pacific, especially expensive cities like Japan, Sydney, Singapore, Shanghai etc , Marriott Vacation Club does get you savings of 25% – 35%, depending on seasons.

However, if you only love Thailand, then you get more value in hotels book online.

Please bear in mind that it is not worth to buy Marriott points and use it to convert into air miles. You are better off buying the airfare directly.

Thus, if you buy Marriott Vacation Club membership, you should only consider to spend the hotel budget on this club membership. Don’t peg it up to purchase your airfare etc.

Some people actually purchase only 20000 club points as they intend to do one year package tour and one year free and easy tour. I think this adds to flexibility in your travel plans as well.

I certainly hope the above throws some light to your burning question if it is worth to buy a Marriott Vacation Club.  If you are really interested to explore, then try out the stay first before you decide.

See more of my vacation experience at Marriott Phuket Club!


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