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Taiwan Climate


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Hi Friends,

Before going to Taiwan, it is useful to know the season there so that you can choose to visit Taiwan in its correct season.

Spring in Taiwan starts from March to June.

This is one of the best season to travel in Taiwan. Hence it is also the peak season. During spring, the humidity and temperatures are comfortable. Rainfall is low.

During spring, you can also view beautiful cherry blossom in Taiwan.

Summer in Taiwan starts from June to September

In summer, Taiwan experiences drizzling rain and high possibilities of typhoons.  So it is the season to avoid if possible.

Autumn in Taiwan starts from Mid September to October

During Autumn, Taiwan experiences cool and soothing weather.

Winter in Taiwan starts from November to February

Taiwan’s winter is relatively short period. It is the perfect season to visit the hot springs in Taiwan and eat the hot pots.

You won’t really find snow in Taiwan unless you are heading the few mountains areas. Thus, you will just need a sweater and a jacket to survive winter in Taiwan.



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