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Winner Of Our Free 3 Days 2 Nights Marriott Hotel Giveaway!


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Hi Friends,

Today is the day we announce who is the winner of our first “Free 3 days 2 nights Marriott Hotel Giveaway Contest which we organize during Natas Fair Feb 2012!

Since this is the first contest… which means, there will be other similar contest (with different contest requirements to meet).

But before I announce who the winner is … I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to all of you who have participated … because without your participation, there could be no contest :)

Now … without nagging on too long, let’s reveal who our winner is … Cindy Wee!

Our Winner – Cindy’s Comment:

Cindy Wee Comment




Congratulations Cindy… you will be receiving an email from me shortly on how to let me know which hotel will you like to arrange to stay in.

Do note that Cindy will need to satisfy the last 1 condition to collect the prize:

  1. The chosen winner must be contactable via email within 7 Days of  announcement of result, failing which will result in his/her  disqualification and a redrawn will be conducted to find a new winner.

So Cindy, please check your email … if you don’t see any … email me (all subscribers should know where to email to right?)

Once, again Congratulations and till we play again in the next contest!



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